Tuesday, September 23, 2014

natural decorating

I love adding natural details around the house and there is no season like autumn for finding many lovely treasures to display! Even if you don't have a garden, you can purchase natural decor at the garden center or find it in the forest (and bring it back where you found it when you tire of it!). What better place than nature for finding a gorgeous mix of colors, shapes, and textures.
Spring and summer flowers fade quickly in a vase but pine-cones, nuts and gourds last a long time.
To decorate my candle I layered walnuts, gourds, pine cones, chestnuts, red vines, and rose petals, most of the items I found in our garden.  Dried flowers and petals seem depressing in summer but in the fall and winter they are nostalgic and romantic.
I am not good at passing by a shiny chestnut on the side of the path without wanting to touch it and bring it home. A purse is for lipstick and money and keys I know  - but I have to admit you may find a chestnut or two in mine on a fall day!
Has fall officially begun now? Happy new season to you! 

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