Thursday, September 11, 2014

living in the trees

All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man...the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.
- Chief Seattle

We have always wanted to live in a log house. We love the natural, warm, rustic look, feel, and smell of the wood, the fact that the house is so "alive". So this summer we took a little vacation in a wonderful Canadian style log cabin. We did not even have to travel far and one of the nicest things about our get-away was the short driving time.
I loved waking up every morning to these big windows with a view of tree tops and the sound of a rushing brook below our house.  I often woke up early and took a cup of coffee and a blanket to the patio to soak in the quiet morning mood.
“Listen to the trees talking in their sleep,' she whispered, as he lifted her to the ground. 'What nice dreams they must have!”
-L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables
It was just a short but beautiful walk into the town from our house to get fresh rolls for breakfast.
The weather did not cooperate with our plans to spend most of our time outdoors. Luckily, there was a cozy fireplace which we were very grateful for after one rainstorm that completely drenched us. In sunny spells between deluges we were able to take short hikes and bike trips. The forest in this area is a national park and is very lush and beautiful.

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.
-Khalil Gibran
Regardless of the weather, we took advantage of every moment of sunshine and made the best of it. I loved living in a tree house and exploring trails and towns in the area.
Rainy moments were well spent with some online art classes from the wonderful Alisa Burke -  full of great prompts to get you creative....
I doodled and painted away in my sketchbook, inspired by all the flowers and mushrooms and trees we saw during our hikes, but instead of making "real" nature studies I just used my imagination for whimsical, colorful little drawings...trying to be spontaneous and not really think about anything, really....
The boys did not mind the rain so much as it kept them free of long arduous hikes with their parents and they could snuggle up in their cozy beds and be entertained with their little gadgets!
Vacation is about relaxing!
 Oh, it would be nice to live among the trees like this every day! 

 “We have nothing to fear and a great deal to learn from trees, that vigorours and pacific tribe which without stint produces strengthening essences for us, soothing balms, and in whose gracious company we spend so many cool, silent, and intimate hours.” -Marcel Proust

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Chrysalis said...

What an amazing holiday, Karen! Precious memories to keep. Love, Chris