Monday, September 29, 2014

gingham love

There are some things in life that you never seem to tire of. In decorating, I love bits of gingham here and there. It is such a classic, I've even read a blogger call it a "neutral"!
It always seems fresh and sweetly natural, and is lovely all seasons of the year. 
I have several gingham items up in my shop. For some reason, hearts and gingham really go together well!
Recently one of my customers requested an order of a dozen hearts for her Christmas tree. She was so thrilled with them so much she contacted me again and ordered another dozen, which I promptly made and sent off to their new home across the ocean!
Gingham can make an ornate gilded frame look sweetly down-to-earth.
Gingham looks really cute with floral fabrics and splashes of happy colors.
It's lovely in the summer with pots of geraniums and basil.
But it also creates a perfect festive harmony with winter pine cones, sprigs of evergreens, and pretty candles.
Somehow it's playful and yet grown-up at the same time.
Are you as drawn to this fabric as I am? You can find my gingham crafts for sale here!


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greenrabbitdesigns said...

I agree Karen, gingham is great all year round!
Your gingham makes are so pretty, I love the blue hearts and the little elephant and the mushrooms are so cute!
V x