Tuesday, September 9, 2014

colorful crochet tree hugs

During our summer wanderings on our bikes we came across this enchanting little village. Half-timbered houses and stately trees wrapped in colorful crochet gave the feeling that you had landed in the middle of a fairy-tale. I had to return with my camera because I knew when I saw it I would love to share this guerilla knitting with you!
One tree had a notebook hanging on it explaining the story of this art installation. Local women, moms, and grandmas had joined together with the preschool and set up to beautify their (already beautiful!) old village square. This town by the name of Olef is in the north-west of Germany near Belgium and The Netherlands.
Even though it was raining the colors were so vibrant and cheerful.
 Aren't these artsy trees absolutely delightful?
Someday I will learn to crochet. Do you crochet or are you a dreamer like me?!


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