Thursday, September 18, 2014

autumn glow (and a smoothie recipe)

Right now I am noticing so much yellow and orange around me. These are not my favorite colors and in fact I find these warm shades can be a bit pushy and aggressive sometimes - a clear case of less is more in my opinion. But there are times when that golden amber glow and bold energy burst of orange are just what I need....particularly now that summer break is over and everyone's work/school schedules have resumed. Days seem to just fly by and my to-do (wish)list is crazy and probably unattainable. Not to mention that the alarm clock always seems to ring an hour too soon!
Eventually, after crossing off a thing or thing from my list (completed, hooray!) I'm out in the garden, thinking it would be fun to sketch with my watercolors but grateful for the speed of my camera lens to give me a chance to capture and express the beauty I see before me...fleeting, fleeting.
At the supermarket this week the summer fruits looked so ripe and healthy, so I grabbed a pineapple and melon and came up with another after-school smoothie snack. (My son was begging for smoothies again!)
This blend consisted of:
carrot juice
fresh pineapple chunks
cantaloupe melon
apple sauce (I had some left over from these cookies)
ice-cubes or water

Very yummy!
Pumpkins and sunflowers and vitamin C...yes, this is the start of autumn glow.
I'm enjoying this energy burst!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely post Karen, I do love orange and your garden is looking beautiful, delicious smoothie too! :)
V x

rahel said...

Enjoy the colours! (And smoothies :-)Most of those flowers bloom here much earlier in the year- but autumn still has a golden glow here and I love it!

Ivy Clad said...

I love all the beautiful oranges! I'm with you-- they're not always my favorite colors, but this time of year I can indulge. They're somehow not garish but completely warm and wonderful September thru November. Lovely photos! Enjoy this time of year. Talk to you again soon!


Anna-Marie Field said...

That looks absolutely delicious!!!! Don't you just love smoothies!! No rules!!!!!! The fact that you can try any combination you want!!!! AND it's healthy!!!!! Your garden looks amazing!!! Bursting with energy color!!! Have a happy and creative week!!!