Monday, July 21, 2014

summer smoothies

We have entered into the hottest sunniest part of summer. Instead of store-bought ice-cream, we've been cooling off with very easy to make, healthy, ice-cold smoothies. 
I had wanted a really good blender for years and am so happy that this spring I finally got a lovely yellow Kitchen Aid machine. The only regret about this purchase has been that I didn't get it sooner!
The children have been having fun helping me experiment with different fruits and juice combinations. Here are some of our concoctions from last week which are all very refreshing and packed with vitamins.
Banana Smoothie 
(Blend together: banana, milk, ice-cubes)
Some of the people in this family are crazy banana lovers. This is the perfect smoothie for them! Very creamy.
Tropical smoothie
(Blend together: fresh pineapple, mango, Greek yogurt, ice-cubes, water)
Tasty and smooth. My personal favorite!
Berry smoothie
(Blend together: fresh pineapple. blueberries, cranberry-cherrry juice, ice-cubes)
Super delicious. High in antioxidants.
You can find my growing pinboard of smoothie inspiration here

Do you like smoothies? What is your favorite combination? 



Unsere kleine Farm said...

Ich mach auf diese Weise öfter Eis :-) Mittlerweile mag es die kleine Prinzessin auch schon :-))

Anna-Marie Field said...

Smoothies are the best!!!! My favourite is frozen pineapple and lime smoothie!!!!!!!Peel and dice a large pineapple and blend till smooth. Pour in to ice trays and freeze. Once frozen, place cubes in blender with a glug of lemonade and blitz till smooth. pour into a glass with a squeeze of lime!!! Mmmmm the best!!!! You should try one!!!! They are very refreshing in very hot weather!!! Have a fab weekend!!!

Kaylovesvintage said...

nice one,I will give it ago