Wednesday, July 2, 2014

life on the beach

Summertime will always always be beach-time for me. As lovely as my little garden and forest world here is, I dream of a place far away, where you wake up to a view like this
and where you walk barefoot in the sand
hear crashing waves and feel the ocean spray
perhaps with an adorable thatched roof cottage where mermaids frolic
somewhere very far north where the sun doesn't set
or a cozy spot nestled in the dunes
a place of mystery would be spiritual and inspiring
a place with much history would be fascinating
or maybe, just a little light-filled cabin for simple days
Which is your favorite?I can't decide! See more beach living here.

Happy July to you! 


Anna-Marie Field said...

Oh the light filled cabin is where I would like to spend my July!!! Lovely post!!! Have a happy week!!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely! I like the idea of being somewhere where the sun doesn't set! :)
V x