Wednesday, June 4, 2014

reds & pinks in the garden

The garden is bursting with reds and pinks - not just flowers but fruits. We are picking strawberries and eating them for dessert, for breakfast...they are not huge like the ones in the store but so sweet and fresh.
The roses are still blooming away. So fragrant. I'm in love. I visit them frequently and stick my nose right into them and I hope my neighbors don't think I'm too crazy!
We have two quite old cherry trees which do provide a small harvest most years. Monday morning I made some cherry jam - with a generous splash of Amaretto.
These super lovely labels were a free printable. I popped them out with my circle punch. Link to the labels and more cute jam inspiration here.
As we are a bilingual family I can never decide whether to write the labels in English or German so I just do a few each way. (Plus I think it's just fun to write the word "marmalade"!)
There can never be too much pink so we have geraniums, petunias, peonies, poppies....
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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Beautiful flower images Karen!
Your cherry jam looks delicious and I love the little labels. :)
V x

Introverted Art said...

how beautiful... the labels are magnificent!

Chrysalis said...

The fruit, flowers and produce all look wonderful, Karen. My garden is going through a lemon and purple phase at the moment. Love xx