Tuesday, June 24, 2014

cherry season

Last post I was daydreaming under the cherry tree. Now I'm lazing around no more! My darling husband and daughter have been so busy picking cherries from our little orchard and every time I get through one bucket, it seems like another one has materialized when I turn around! I have to admit I feel a bit chained to the sink, protected by a favorite apron, grateful for the bounty yet wondering if there will ever be an end to the pitting.

Aren't these beauties just gorgeous to look at?
My daughter has also been helping by brainstorming up great ideas for dealing with our harvest.
She baked a pie and a cake and thought we should try to dry cherries. Years ago we had purchased a food dehydrator and sadly, I have to admit it kind of got forgotten in the cellar. We dusted it off, and voila, the dried cherries are absolutely fantastic, I am going to start another batch today as they are simply delicious and chewy to munch on as a snack. They would also be perfect for muffins.
There are about 2 dozen jars of cherry jam now in the cellar (so nice in the winter and wonderful gifts); the last batch was the best with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of Amaretto, divine. Lastly, we concocted a delicious berry sauce with the last of our strawberries and the first of the red currants, and of course a generous amount of cherries. Lovely on vanilla ice-cream.
Off to the kitchen for the next batch!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh it must be wonderful at your place Karen with all that gorgeous cherry deliciousness! You are so lucky! :)
Enjoy my friend,
V x

Anna-Marie Field said...

The dried cherries is a wonderful idea!!! I love them too but they are very expensive here!!!! Have a fab week!!!
AMarie xxx