Thursday, June 26, 2014

cherry memories

Taking a small break from cherry pitting and jam making!
Creativity ebbs and flows and my poor sewing machine is being very neglected at the moment and the stacks of fabric are nice and neat and untouched. On the other hand, my table is now a mess of photos and papers. I guess this is the way of a mixed-media creative!
All those beautiful cherries have made me quite nostalgic. This time I've reached for photos from my own childhood.
One of my summer highlights as a young girl was traveling to my grandparents and great-grandmother. They had a wonderful beach house that was so fun for all the little cousins. The peninsula where they lived in northern Michigan is famous for being the "Cherry Capitol of the World". It was a lovely drive to their house along the shores of Lake Michigan with quaint villages, old farm houses, and lush orchards. Little roadside cherry stands lined the road. We always stopped to pick up some fresh fruit for our grandparents.
I can still recall the anticipation of that moment of arrival! Embracing each other with heartfelt hugs, a happy dog jumping at our feet, and then no doubt we started to beg to change into our swimsuits and jump into the waves.
Grandmother would have a homemade cherry pie waiting for us and it seemed like there was always one stray pit. It also seemed like my father was always the one to get it, which we kids always thought was pretty funny but also a sign of good fortune.
We would spend days at the beach or taking excursions to nearby points of interest. One of the summer rituals was to drive out to the dunes and then, after hours of sandy play, stop in at a 1920's bistro in a country village for a refreshing glass of cherry lemonade or piece of pie. A few years back my parents had a chance to go there again and brought me a paper menu. My kind of cute kitsch! I knew it would eventually find its way into one of my scrapbook pages. Here we are with my precious Great-Grandmother.
I have included little subtle details to accompany the story. I have so much scrapbook paper (I admit!) and sometimes I don't really dig deep through to find the most perfect match, but just take the first thing that catches my eye. This pretty 6 x 6 pad paper has a repeating print  "New York" and "1898". Love this kind of synchronicity, as my Great-Grandmother was born and raised there. It's not quite her exact birth year but it has that end-of-the-19th century feel that I associate with her. I have also added little red and blue sequin stars and royal blue glitter letters - as a bit of Americana -  and buttons, lace, and a plastic little girl's butterfly hair clip; those elements seem "grandmotherly" to me.
The photo is perfectly imperfect. My mom is missing, but her place at the table with her piece of pie is visible; she's there behind the camera. I know she wanted to capture my dad interacting with his grandmother. Every photo has so much to tell, often those "imperfect" ones are the most interesting! I love how scrapbooking can give you a chance to look at bit closer and reflect a bit longer than you might while just flipping through a regular photo album.
This is not the first or the last page I will make with a "cherry" theme!
This is an older layout about one of our half-dozen cherry trees. It never fails to stun me with its beauty in the spring, brimming with white blossoms, or in the fall with the sun glowing through the golden leaves. Most of my scrapbook pages are about the people I love, but on occasion I will dedicate a layout to a tree!

I guess I should go give this tree a hug for giving us so much fruit and always reminding me of very happy times.
Thanks for looking. I hope you have a very sweet day!


Mrs. Teacher said...

Your scrapbook pages are seriously gorgeous!
You're making cherry jam?! That is awesome.
Cherries are such a wonderful summer treat.

Anna-Marie Field said...

Love your beautiful scrapbooking pages!!! Such wonderful memories!!!
Have a fun filled happy weekend!!!
AMarie xxx