Thursday, May 15, 2014

spring impressions

Spring is rushing by so quickly.
The apple blossoms in March were delicate and beautiful.
 Mint and coriander waiting to be planted...
For Easter I sewed a Tilda lamb for my mother-in-law, she loved it :) (I loved making it too. It's always so fun to see how an recycled cotton towel suddenly becomes a little creature with a special personality!)
A basket of fleurs greets us at the door.
A nostalgic Easter tin I received full of Swiss chocolate pralines...mmmm...they disappeared quickly! (and I did share a few, honest!) Now it's a cute button it!
 Finding a quiet moment for a cup of tea in handmade pottery, always a good idea.
 We've already had our first batch of fresh honey! The bees have been very busy.
 Spring fills me with more creativity than usual. Playing with watercolors...
A page from my 2012 scrapbook.... the things I love!
Taking advantage of the bright spring light in our little cottage to snap new photos of my heart garlands for my dawanda shop. Giving all of my garlands special names, so fun. These are the "Lea" and "Karina" garlands.
More cheerful flowers waiting to be planted in the garden....patiently...while i go off in all my hundred directions! Good thing spring days are nice and long!
Thanks so much for visiting me and have a lovely day!


Chrysalis said...

So many lovely things, Karen - I particularly love your scrapbook. Have a lovely week, Chris xx

Mrs. Teacher said...

I want to raise bees so badly.