Friday, May 16, 2014

Quinoa salad

It's funny how you can discover something really great, and then life gets busy, and it completely escapes your mind. For me, this usually happens in the form of recipes. And it's a bit of a shame, because despite a wonderful repertoire I get forgetful and we end up eating repeats. Luckily, we had family visiting recently and they reminded me how yummy this salad is!
On one of the evenings of their visit I had invited some other friends over for a little barbeque party. My cousin and I were sitting in the garden planning a shopping list. He told me his wife made this really great quinoa salad when they were having guests. I said, great, what's in it and he went to ask his wife. He came back a minute later with a cookbook from my shelf and a big smile! I just had to laugh. The last time they had visited us I had shown them my Farm Chicks cookbook, talking about how pretty the photos were, the lovely little anecdotes and great recipes....and they went home and bought it right away! The funny thing is, I have made this salad a couple times and even was going to share it with you here, but somehow, I forgot! I have blogged about this cookbook many times already (cinnamon rolls and granola). It really is a favorite on my shelf.
So, here it the recipe, make it, enjoy it, and don't forget it the next time you need a yummy, easy, delicious salad for your guests or family!
It also makes a great lunch snack for home or when you're on the go. My daughter loves taking a plastic container of it to school for a healthy alternative to a sandwich. You can also make it into wraps as an appetizer. And if you are trying to cut down on animal products, you can easily make it vegan.
Here's to forgetting and remembering! 
Enjoy & Happy Weekend! 

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

I do that too with recipes, I forget all about them until something jogs my memory!
Happy weekend Karen,
V xxx