Friday, May 23, 2014

garden blues

My garden and flower beds have evolved a bit spontaneously over the years as I experiment and try things out. Like a painting or collage, there are punctuations my favorite colors, and I like to create lovely splashes of blues and purples. Crocus, hyacinths and pansies heralded in the beginning of spring with their royal blue heads. Now the chives and borage are blooming in the herb garden, visually bringing refreshment on the recent sunny, dry days. Very soon the lavender and hydrangea buds are promising to open.
Expressionist painter Kandinsky said of blue: "Represented in musical terms, light blue resembles the flute, dark blue the cello, darker still the wonderful sounds of the double bass..." If that is the case, then there is a delightful symphony just waiting to be enjoyed.
 Blues and purples are considered to represent royalty and spirituality.
I brought some flower clippings inside to sketch with my watercolors. When you first start to draw a flower you really notice how very complicated its form and design is. I think the markings in the middle of a pansy look like an angel with wings and a glowing face.

The sweet perfume of the lilacs always sparks memories of childhood summer to me: long light evenings, warm air and open windows, freedom from school, carefree days of swimming and playing outside....
Periwinkle, twilight, lapis lazuli, violet. Blue has a calming power and too much blue may be depressing ("the blues"). I read once that blue is the most popular "favorite color", which doesn't surprise me, nature provides it to us abundantly in countless shades of sky and water...and flowers.
Thanks for visiting today and have a beautiful refreshing weekend!
PS Blue quotes taken from Susan Sargent "The Comfort of Color".

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Chrysalis said...

You couldn't feel blue surrounded by those lovely shades, Karen. I love your painting, too. Hugs x