Tuesday, April 30, 2013

truth cards

I've been longing to work on a whimsical little mixed media project and this idea by Melody Ross just hit the spot. Not only is it very fun and super simple to do, because she generously provides her artwork and words, but it is for a very good cause.
To read all about the project, go here.
I started by gathering some embellishments to inspire me and cutting out some of Melody's little artworks that I downloaded for the project. I cut some cardstock into little cards, which I then painted with a few coats of vibrant colors. (incidentally, a great way to use up that bright orange cardstock that probably came in a multi-pack  - I knew I would never use it for scrapbooking!)

Then I just mixed and matched and glued and had fun. It is wonderful to think some day a woman somewhere in the world, trying to break out of a life of darkness, will be holding one of my cards in her hands and find an uplifting message and perhaps a glimmer of hope.
About a month ago I mailed my pack of cards on to Melody to be redistributed and hopefully they arrived in time for her recent trip to Manila. I'm not sure if she is still collecting cards for another mission... however, the lovely thing about these cards is that you make them for anyone. After all, everyone can use a good word. In fact, I think I probably will make some more!
Be sure to visit Melody's blog for downloads, information & lots of inspiration!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

hello, yellow

Saffron, lemon, gold, dandelion, butter, ecru, honey, sunshine....
 ...right now I am loving the color yellow!
Yellow is such a cheerful, happy color. Spring has finally arrived to wake up the earth with warm breezes and sunshine. 
I have noticed many spots of yellow in our garden and in our house right now. It seems to be everywhere right now!
According to Susan Sargent's book "The Comfort of Color", Buddhist monks wear saffron robes because the color represents "wisdom, concentration, knowledge and morality."
She also writes that natural healers view yellow as the color of awareness.

After this very long, cold winter, yellow seems soothingly warm and energetic to me.
Happy day! 
PS find my link and many more lovely signs of spring here

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

woodland love

Isn't this woodland print fabric adorable? Such sweet little mushrooms, bunnies, squirrels and deer. I probably should have bought more of it! I sewed this cell phone case as a custom order  using a pattern from Michelle. I will certainly be making more of these! In fact, I purchased a couple new patterns so it will be fun to see how the others turn out. I'll be sure to share!

It's cute any way you look at it!
There are a few tissue huggers remaining from my Easter market. I will probably list them in my Dawanda shop soon as I suspect tissues in different places in the world might have different dimensions - and my sales on Etsy literally are from all over the world! It's really fun to see where my creations are going but I do like to see things sell "locally".

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous day!