Friday, October 4, 2013

Black cats, pumpkins and other good things

Hello, October!
I love this month - we can be sure to enjoy some gorgeous blue skies and sunshine, vibrant colors and happy days. My mom's birthday is in October (hi Mom! I know you're reading this :) look in your mailbox for a package of sweets!). In the various places I've lived, October is a month of fun for kids, jumping in piles of leaves and carving jack-o-lanterns, Halloween memories, and in Germany harvest festivals such as Oktoberfest or in our local vineyard area, wine fest. There is a carnival feeling in the air. In October we get a day off on the 3rd - the national holiday celebrating Germany coming together. I try to describe the wall between East and West Germany and divided Berlin to my kids and they just can't believe it. We have two weeks off school for fall break and the children just love that freedom (as I do, as well, no homework to help them with and I can hang up my chauffeur's hat for a couple weeks!)

Here are some pages from my scrapbook from 2012 (which is already brimming full but not complete, yet!).  One day last September I looked out the kitchen window and there were my kids, carving a whole bunch of jack-o-'lanterns from pumpkins in our garden. Their creations were so cute! This is a two page layout, the right page layout was a scraplift from a Shimelle sketch here but I really wanted to include more images, hence the left page with mostly photos.
Some close-ups...
On the back of the right layout, I did the next page with October photos. I was just picking up the children after school and everything was so gorgeous, I took some spontaneous photos. On this page I just let the patterned paper and photos do the talking. Sweet and simple.
The next page in the album is a page about my son. I love to make pages with little descriptions of my kid's lives in that particular moment in time. So fun to go back and read them later! I really adore all those cute autumn embellishments.
Are you getting the feeling that autumn inspires me? :)
I have not been scrapbooking recently but I have been sewing...a few new sweet autumn decorations up in my shops here and here, love how they turned out! Black cats and pumpkins, oh wow, I can taste the candy corn and caramel apples right now!
I really enjoyed all of your comments on my last post, but I did I just want to say that those images were a few of the happy moments from summer. My life is full of ups and downs just like everyone else's! In fact this past September was quite full of challenging events. I have learned to try not to linger on the bad moments but try to focus on the good....for example, on my blog or in my scrapbooking. Of course my kids are just human and will bicker and fight, but when I see them carving pumpkins together in total harmony and happiness, I am filled with joy and want to celebrate that. I love using my camera to seek the small moments of beauty and I love sharing that here, because I do feel such gratitude for all our many blessings. Even when there are difficult times, those beautiful moments do all add up. 

Happy October to you! 

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Another lovely post Karen, it's always a pleasure to drop in here and visit you.
I love that little cat. :)
V xxx