Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sew a flag bunting in 3 easy steps

Buntings have been so very popular in the past couple years. I love the way they look in a child's room or as a festive touch on a birthday or during the holidays. They are also such a cute way to decorate a garden party. There are many variations for sewing a flag bunting. I have experimented with different techniques and I certainly did not invent this myself, I am simply sharing with you my favorite way to sew a bunting. I like a clean, crisp shape and always line my flags.
For a bunting with 6 flags you will need:
remnants of colorful printed cotton as well as plain cotton
1,6 meters of bias tape
sewing machine
scissors, pins, pencil

My tip: prepare a triangle template. The easiest way is to make this on your computer, but you can also draw one out by hand. For this project I recommend a triangle approx. 17 x 20 x 20 cm.*
1. Trace the triangle onto printed cotton and cut on the lines. For each triangle, cut out a second triangle of plain fabric for the lining/backing. I like to use plain white cotton for the lining, if you can upcycle a sheet, your bunting is eco-friendly! Prepare six triangle sets of printed and lining fabrics.
2. Pin your triangle set (printed and plain lining/backing) right sides together and stitch the two long ends with a small seam allowance. Trim the excess allowance at the point of the triangle, turn out the fabric (a chopstick helps turn out the point at the end) and press with an iron. Trim off any excess from the top of the triangle flag so you have a nice even line on top.
3. When you have your desired number of prepared flags, place them out along your bias tape with an even spacing. Fold the tape lengthwise and insert the flag between the folded tape. Pin the "sandwich" together. Then starting at one end of the bias tape, pin it folded in half lengthwise and machine stitch the entire length together. Hang up your new garland and enjoy! 

Find more examples of my garlands here and here
* if you get addicted to making these (like I am!) you will want to laminate your template or at least use a heavier paper.

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