Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Katie-Claire's Cottage in print!

I've been published!

Early this summer I was approached by a magazine publisher asking if I would share my technique for making a bunting. One of my garlands in my dawanda shop had caught her eye. Of course I did not hesitate!
The biggest challenge was to summarize my DIY process in as few words as possible. Well, and of course, writing it in German, which while I speak it fluently it is not my native language. Fortunately, I have some helpers to fine-tune and edit! I was told I would only have a small column and had to list the project in 3 easy steps – which I did – but in the end my spread was much larger than I expected - they gave me nearly half a page! And included a very nice link to my dawanda shop.
When friends and artists/crafters I admire have blogged about being publishing I've always felt so happy for them. They always seem to report how exciting it is to go to the store and see their work in a book or magazine. And now I've been able to experience it myself! We happened to be on vacation on the day the magazine came out and I will never forget the moment of finding it in a local shop and having my entire family around me sharing the excitement of seeing my words and photos!

“Laura” is a popular bi-monthly women's magazine here in Germany. You can read my garland instructions here in German and here in English. Happy sewing! And, thank you, “Laura”, for publishing me!



Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi Karen,What a wonderful achievement!!!Congrats!I have a "thing" for buntings and will definitely follow your instructions!!!Have a great day!!!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

How exciting Karen, many, many congratulations that is brilliant news! :)
V xxx

nest full of eggs said...

Karen, I'm so happy for you! This is very exciting news. And how fun that your whole family was there with you at the store discovering your publication. You will definitely want to keep a copy of that issue. So nice to get the link to one of your shops, too :)