Wednesday, May 29, 2013

bunny tote

For my little Goddaughter's birthday this month I sewed her a pretty tote bag. She is a  huge fan of rabbits- actually a lover of all animals - so I thought this would be just perfect for her. I'm going to have to bring my camera next time I visit her, she has the sweetest little (real!) bunnies you have ever seen! Really real, in the "Velveteen Rabbit" way! 

I used a beautiful simple linen and a gorgeous gypsy print from the Dutch fabric makers Stenzo. Their fabrics are soooo delicious! The nice thing about this tote is that it is reversible, so my bunny-loving friend can switch it around according to her mood.
I love how it turned out! I will be making more of these in various fabrics and adding them to my etsy and dawanda shops - which are both in dire need of restocking - I will post my shop updates!
This cute bunny got a little yoyo-cotton-tail as a final detail. Sweet and simple, just how I like things :)
Hope it's too rainy and cold in your part of the world, we are still patiently waiting for spring sunshine here. Have a lovely day!


Siany said...

I lovee velveteen rabbit :) the flower is perfect for spring, I'm sure your goddaughter will treasure it!

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi There,What a lucky girl and she's going to love it!!!The little detail on the tail is just a beautiful 3D touch!!!Simply lovely!!

nest full of eggs said...

that yoyo tail is such a clever detail!

Ivy Clad said...

So delicious is right! I love the fabric. Girls, mine for sure, love their handbags of all sorts-- library, beach, party, shopping, traveling. I always think it's such a good gift for a girl. As always your handmade creation makes it even that much more special.

Thank you for your thoughts for me during the recent tornado outbreaks here. I am in southwest MO. We have been fortunate to only have tornado "watches" but no tornadoes have hit us here. I have family and a lot of friends in Oklahoma though in and near the affected areas. I am really grateful that they are all safe as well.

Talk to you again soon! We are finally seeing some sun. I hope you will soon, too!


gnomeswhimsy said...

Karen your blog and shop are adorable as well ^__^
What a fun tote and a 2-in-1 tote is the best!

tinajo said...

Very sweet, love the fabric!