Thursday, April 18, 2013

hello, yellow

Saffron, lemon, gold, dandelion, butter, ecru, honey, sunshine....
 ...right now I am loving the color yellow!
Yellow is such a cheerful, happy color. Spring has finally arrived to wake up the earth with warm breezes and sunshine. 
I have noticed many spots of yellow in our garden and in our house right now. It seems to be everywhere right now!
According to Susan Sargent's book "The Comfort of Color", Buddhist monks wear saffron robes because the color represents "wisdom, concentration, knowledge and morality."
She also writes that natural healers view yellow as the color of awareness.

After this very long, cold winter, yellow seems soothingly warm and energetic to me.
Happy day! 
PS find my link and many more lovely signs of spring here


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Yellow definitely does say 'Spring'!
Beautiful images Karen. :)
Happy Thursday,
Vivienne x

nest full of eggs said...

such bright & cheery photos :)
my 2nd son's favorite color is yellow.
it looks like spring has arrived in your neck of the woods with all the yellow flowers blooming ~ I cannot believe it but we still have snow on the ground here, this is the latest I have ever seen it!

Ivy Clad said...

Oh I completely agree! I CRAVE yellow right now during this spring that is barely distinguishable from winter. Your pretty bursts of yellow have brightened my gray, rainy & cold Saturday. Great pictures!