Friday, March 1, 2013

March treats

Hello March!
Let's celebrate this new day in this new month with a few little treats for you today!
Treat Number 1:
For the month of March I have a very special offer for my readers and fans in Germany - I am offering free domestic shipping at my Etsy shop this month!

All orders going to Germany will be shipped for free - please visit my Etsy shop here for details.

If you want, regardless of where you live, please like my facebook page and help me spread the word!

Treat number 2:
mmm....brownies with frosting and m&m's this time it wasn't me giving into a sugar craving but for one of my children to take to school and share with his classmates as he is celebrating a birthday this week. Sweet little guy growing up so fast!
(ok, he and I shared a nibble to make sure they were okay before he took them to school! They were absolutely okay or "in Ordnung" as they say here!)
Treat number 3: 
Look at this cute package! This is an order from my shop that went out yesterday. How can you not adore this pretty wrapping paper? (I can't resist! I even went back to the store and bought some more.) Wrapping gifts is something I just love to do and I gift-wrap all of my on-line orders before packing them up and taking them down to the post office. I want the person finding the package in their mailbox to have a joyful little moment to enjoy and savor. I also always pop in a free little hand-made extra as a small thank you.
What treats are in store for you this month?

I personally hope the weather predictions are on track this weekend and we will get a few glimpses of sun. We have seen the birds flying north again, what a wonderful sign that is!

This month is going to be busy and fun. I'm very excited about a singing workshop with my Taize choir which is going to be nothing short of awesome - our director is so energetic and sweet and all the people in the choir are super nice. As I mentioned, we have a birthday to celebrate this month, actually two, because one person has been waiting patiently to have his friends over and celebrate a belated party. I have a crafts show coming up and I'm really busy getting ready for that. I'm also thinking about starting a simple version of Project Life as a way to keep my scrapbooking/family journal keeping a weekly routine. It's still a consideration but I find myself thinking about it all the time so if I do decide to take that challenge, I will post about my thoughts and plans for that very soon :) But everything one step at a time! 

Have a lovely weekend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy March Karen! Sounds like a busy month for you! A very happy birthday to your son too!
Wishing you a sunny weekend,
V xxx

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi, A very happy March to you too and a happy B/day to your son. Please post photo's of all your goodies you're working on for the craft show, you always make such beautiful things!

koralee said...

I am all about treats and yours look lovely! Especially those brownies...yum...thank you for visiting me the other day and leaving me a is so nice to meet new people. xoxo

nest full of eggs said...

I hope you are getting your sunshine this weekend ~ happy weekend :)