Wednesday, February 20, 2013

organizing & making

It's still very much winter here! But...this little scene in my garden must be a promise that springtime is going to come around soon, don't you think?
I've been organizing my craft space. It is a big improvement!
Stacks of fabrics neatly folded, items ready for market or shipping. 
The area by my sewing machine still a bit chaotic as there is always work being done there - but actually I have tidied it up since taking this photo (honestly)! I also tackled all my kitchen cupboards and drawers. Spring cleaning is in the air!
This week I have sewed a dozen lovely little pouches. Many are still waiting to have the linings sewn in  - that is hand sewing work and takes forever! But several are completed and ready to sell. I'm busy preparing for a local Easter market and will also soon be adding pouches to my on-line shops here and here
Don't you think it's time for spring soon? 



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Definitely time for spring, it is looking like it here today!
Everything is looking so neat and tidy in your studio, love those little bunnies sitting on the shelf. :)
It's going to take a BIG spring clean here as soon as I get rid of these 'men'! ;)
V xxx

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

So lovely. I need to get my craftscorner organized. Right now everyhing is in boxes and I can never fin anything!

nest full of eggs said...

I sure hope Spring arrives here soon (as I am getting so sick of this very cold winter we've been having), I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures, getting outside (taking some outdoor walks) and enjoying more sunshine.
Last fall I planted a bunch of bulbs in front of our house & I'm excited to see what will come up ~ I was given them & told they were white tulips... only time will tell...
I love seeing your craft storage shelves, do your shelves happen to be from IKEA?

Beatriz said...

A very nice blog! Hugs, Beatriz

Regine Karpel said...

Very organized and pretty!

nest full of eggs said...

back again to say that your local Easter market sounds lovely !
I've never heard of one before (imagine it is like a Christmas market, but Easter items instead)
so do please take lots of photos to share on your blog :)
thanks !

Ivy Clad said...

Oh yes I DO think it's time for spring very, very soon! We are, however, enduring an ice storm, but as your snowdrops remind me, it will all be over soon.

Your organization efforts look lovely. I should really get my backside in gear and do some organizing myself.


Karen said...

Thanks everyone for all of your thoughtful comments! Rachel - yes, it's ikea! And I promise to take photos of the spring/Easter market. :)