Friday, February 22, 2013

Rathaus Platz

I missed posting a layout last week due to vigorous organizing/ scrubbing / spring cleaning  - but here is my layout for this week. Had so much fun making this one!

I started with a few spritzes of blue glitter ink spray and then created a mat for the photos with several 6 x 6 inch pages stacked together. This is a photo I just love so I had it enlarged.

Also you will notice that I have titled this page in German while doing my journaling in English. The title means "Town Hall Square" which is the place my kids were standing. It's typical to my life (our lives, I guess) that I am using both languages at the same time.

A detail I love about this page is that I was able to include an actual ticket from that day from our visit to the cathedral tower. Freiburg (in the Black Forest region of southern Germany) is a very picturesque city with trademark tiny little canals you can just step over. (You must keep your eyes open when walking because they are everywhere!) I have many photos of my kids at various ages stepping over these unique canals - luckily, not in them!

I also included the cute bike button - Freiburg is one of the greenest in Germany with bike paths and cyclists everywhere.
Thanks for looking!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely Karen! Love all the little touches like the ticket, which I know is for a child but that's as far as my very basic school German goes! ;) I think it's wonderful that you are all bilingual !
That glitter spray looks like a lot of fun. :)
Happy weekend,
V xxx

nest full of eggs said...

I'm so glad you pointed out and wrote about the tiny little canals... I've never seen anything like that ~ how unique !