Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a child's summer snapshots

so many candles on my brother's birthday cake
last week of school we did projects on Europe
then ....finally....hello summer vacation!
long lazy days to do fun things like collecting tiny frogs from the pond with my best friend

my kitty showing off way up high in the branches, should I join him?
a lovely pot of colored pencils is just perfect when it's cold and rainy outside
how nice when Papa doesn't have to go to work and can build things with me

a game that should never ever end
(because even though I often land in jail I'm winning and I have much more money than Mama!)

jumping in the dunes, climbing on the rocks, splashing in the waves....
fun summer days should just go on forever...

Monday, July 30, 2012

summer days...

summer days have been lovely...
we've enjoyed simple days with friends and family

when time to create is short
I can always squeeze in some snapshots of things that amaze me

such as the lush landscape where I like to ride my bike 

 or this brilliant and wild sunset one evening in June

 it's been a cold and rainy summer...perfect for curling up under a blanket and  watching a favorite film or two :)
our summer apples always have to be processed right away...some times I make a lemony-cinnamon apple jelly, this year I just made applesauce to freeze, as they were ripe the same time we were packing for travel....
 we took a little family vacation on the North Sea...it was COLD! but gorgeous
 - more pictures soon....
I've missed my blogging friends and I promise to stop in soon to say hello!