Thursday, November 15, 2012

children's felt art

My children like to wander into my studio when I'm working and see what I'm doing. Often my youngest son wants to "help" me or make something for himself. Recently I had purchased a stack of felt which was out on my cutting table and like me, he was immediately charmed and inspired by material's softness and bright rainbow colors.

I asked him if he wanted to make a felt picture and he did, so I had him think of an idea and then make some sketches on paper. He drew a truck and cut it out of the paper, and then I helped him cut it out of the felt using his paper template as a guide.
We brainstormed about ideas for his picture and started cutting out elements free-hand. He wanted trees and a street and a house and a sun, and very importantly, a street light. I suggested the mushroom and the birds and he liked that. He laid everything out how it should be (the trees sideways as he said it was very windy) and then I stitched it all together with the sewing machine.

The proudest moment for the small artist was hanging this next to his desk! He loves it.
This is a project you can easily translate into endless ideas. Let your child draw a simple picture of what he or she likes and try to reproduce it using felt in colors that your child selects. Putting the finished art in a frame would be nice if your child isn't impatient like mine!

I think cutting out the letters of a child's name in felt and then sewing the letters on to a plain background would look really adorable, too, especially in a nice frame. 

Your sewing needle will get a bit dull from the felt so my tip is to reserve a different sewing needle especially for sewing felts (same goes for paper). Felt is so fun! I will show you what I've been doing with felt in a post soon.



Karen said...

PS I forgot to mention that the blue underneath the street is a river!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Brilliant!!! :)
I love all the lovely bright colours and I especially love the trees blowing in the wind!
Vivienne x

nest full of eggs said...


Judith said...

I love how you and your little boy worked on this cute project together, Karen. I like the little corner of his room. :) xx

Monica said...

What a fantastic idea. I need ideas like that for when the weather gets even worse. The picture is too cute!