Monday, October 8, 2012

Cat adventures, ballerinas and operas and gorgeous reds & purples....

So gorgeous, these deep autumn shades of purple and red and sparkling dewdrops.
Sweeping the sidewalk and working in the garden is such a pleasure for the eyes right now!
My kitten hides under the apple tree, he's been giving me trouble, both kitties have been. Shadow come home limping last week and according to the vet, he was probably hit by a car, poor thing, but he's (miraculously!) absolutely fine!  And my fearful black and white Spooky has become very wild and stray over the summer, often not coming home for weeks. It seems when the children are away, the cats will play! The cats and the mice, I mean. The minute my children leave for school the cats think, hmmm...what can we do to keep her busy? I know, they just want love and affection. Last night I got a lovely mouse, thank you, Spooky.
He looks so peaceful but it's deceptive, in reality he's dreaming of new, crazy and dangerous cat adventures!

But occasionally it does happens that the cats and mice and children and all the others can fend for themselves, I can finally head to my little studio-sanctuary. This is a creation from quite a long time ago....last fall, I think! I still can not decide whether to put it up in my shop or not, I kind of want it! (I think I'll keep it, if I'm still debating it a year later!) I really like the patchwork pocket on the inside.
Love these twirly little red ballerinas...what should I do with this pretty flower which seemed to take all summer to finally thrive at the end? A greenhouse would be perfect!

It's this time of year I get a little melody from the Hansel and Gretel opera in my head .... the part where the children are wandering through the forest searching for fruits and mushrooms. "There stands a little man in the wood alone, He wears a little mantle of velvet brown." In German his coat is "purpur rot" which I would translate to purple red, not velvet brown, but of course the song translation has to rhyme. My husband and I spied the first big red & white polka dot mushroom (correctly known as amanita muscaria) on our hike in the woods yesterday...a perfect specimen (too bad I didn't have a camera). We also saw a busy squirrel scampering around and a graceful deer leaping across our trail. I do love it when that happens!
 Lovely wishes to you 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Poor Shadow so glad he wasn't too badly hurt! We get presents from the cats too, their gifts of choice at the moment are rats!!!!
It's a beautiful bag, if you love it keep it for yourself.
Your woodland walk sounds wonderful. :)
Happy new week Karen,
Vivienne x

Judith said...

Glad your little kitten has recovered Karen and so kind of Spooky to give you a little present....eek!!
I love the red and white mushrooms with polka dots, I think they look like something out of a fairy tale.
Hope you get to enjoy some time in your sanctuary.:)
love j. xo

Vision By MILA said...

loooove the bag!

Elizabeth Aley said...

Sounds like your cats are going through their "teenage years". Glad to hear that Shadow is doing okay. I love your caption where he is plotting new trouble...I know the feeling.

Great shots of Autumn. I love the blue berries with red stems - Lovely colors.

Thanks for your kind words,

Monica said...

I love that song, my grandma used to sing it to me when I was little.