Friday, September 7, 2012

little walnut boats

Today I have a cute craft project for kids to share with you. Boys love this project too! These little walnut boats are the perfect thing to make when your summer trip to the beach is still fresh in your (child's) memory but you see the cozy days of fall rapidly approaching....
We have the good fortune of having a walnut tree in our yard and every fall I send the kids out to collect the nuts that have fallen (on a side note - this requires a bit of a financial incentive :)) I help them, it's kind of like hunting for Easter eggs! The nuts are delicious and super healthy and there are so many projects you can do with the shells.

Last summer my littlest son and I made walnut boats. 
First he painted the half- shells with several layers of acrylic paint. Let the paint fully dry before the next layer. 
He just loved picking out the colors and painting!

Once the shells are really dry, take some modeling clay and stick it into the shell.

We then made little sails out of toothpicks and colorful paper. This was one of his favorite parts too. To make the sails, fold the paper in half and draw a triangle - one edge on the fold. Cut the two edges not on the fold. Open it up, spread on glue with a gluestick and stick the toothpick in the crease. Fold together and there is your sail.

Stick it into the clay and you have a cute little boat.
They don't like to float in water, so we put them in sand (we used blue decor sand to look like water).
My son loves seeing these little boats in a big recycled pickle-jar on his bookshelf.

Have fun making these with your kids!


nest full of eggs said...

I had to smile when I read that you send the kids out to collect nuts (w/financial incentive) we do the same thing :)
we have black walnuts, though & when they fall to the ground they kill the grass or anything else they land on for that matter

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a brilliant idea! Fun, colourful and they look so cute in the jar! :)
Happy weekend Karen,
Vivienne x

Judith said...

These little boats are so cute!
I work in kindergarten... The children would love to make these!