Friday, September 14, 2012

family life

I have been thinking a lot about scrapbooking the last couple weeks. It's a hobby that I love - and I kind of get obsessed with it for a while, then forget all about it and go on with my other interests.....

But then I get into scrapbooking fever again!

"Family life" is a scrapbook album series I've been working on to document small everyday moments and important milestones in our family over the years....

i started making the first album years ago.....

now i am starting the fourth book!

This is the cover and front page of one of my "family life" albums:
I appliqued a tree and hand-stitched the date and title. I love the tree imagery for a family album. The symbolism such as roots, limbs, changing of the seasons, growth, nature... match the kind of photos and stories I like to make into scrapbook pages.
My daughter was playing around with my embroidery floss and stitched the word "love" and designed the pretty flower.  I asked her if I could sew it on to the first page of the album. It's important to me to incorporate authentic bits and pieces. And to have some of my own handwriting - even if it's not very lovely - it's a part of the real me.

The book is packed with pages. Don't worry -  I'm not going to put them all up! But here are three favorites...
Last week I just finished sewing a new fabric cover for the album I completed earlier this year and I LOVE love love how it turned out!!!Here is a sneak peek of me sewing while it was still a work-in-progress: 
I promise to show you the finished cover and a few pages next week!

Happy weekend!


Country Rabbit said...

really beautiful way to record your family and the things you love ;0)x lovely front cover and love the first page with sewn writing x

nest full of eggs said...

love that you sewed your own covers for the scrapbooks ~ why didn't I ever think of that!?! I will probably steal your idea.
love the sewing machine stitched lines that you then did writing on !
my baby just started Kindergarten so this post has really made me think how precious these young year memories are...
have a great day, Karen

Judith said...

Karen,these are lovely! I wish I was as organized as you...I have started albums,but have mountains of photo's and childhood memento's of my daughters from many years ago,still sitting in shoe boxes in my cupboard waiting to be sorted!
You have inspired me!! :) x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely way to document your family life.
The tree is so pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing the new cover you're working on.
I love that piece of prose on life ~ very wise.
Happy weekend Karen,
Vivienne x