Monday, August 27, 2012

a delicious surprise!

Recently my daughter was very busy in the kitchen and the next day presented this amazing creation from the freezer!

She took her recipe from here (she takes her recipes from youtube!!) and as usual, she made a few changes, leaving out the caramel sauce and substituting honey-peanuts/cashews for the nuts. Absolutely delicious!

Thank you, my sweet girl! 


nest full of eggs said...

I didn't know you could get recipes from YouTube & I didn't know you could buy OREOs in Germany !

Karen said...

Isn't it great what our kids can teach us!
;) Oreo's appeared here a couple years ago (to my great joy!!!) but come in small, expensive packages. BTW Rachel, yes, that beach was very near Brugge on the Flanders coast - it is very different than the small MN lakes but reminds me a bit of the Lake Michigan or Lake Superior coast. xo K.