Thursday, June 14, 2012

strawberry love forever

Cold dreary raindrops have been pelting down on my sad strawberry patch the last several days.  From visiting your blogs and flickr photos this morning I see we are not the only ones dealing with this dismal weather. I just hope the strawberries are getting nice and juicy and not devoured by snails! Luckily, we have enjoyed some sunny hours gathering berries and perhaps the sunshine will return soon.

Our garden is truly a family adventure. My husband keeps the rows neat and tidy and all three children have helped me fill up countless bowlfuls to eat fresh or make into jam.
I found the cute strawberry heart labels here. (Too bad my color printer is not working, but b&w looks sweet too don't you think!) I consider myself new to to jam making but actually I've probably been making fruit preserves for 10 years or so now!

My mom wasn't the jam-making homemaker type - she had a full-time job and in her free time was more drawn to the sewing machine (thank you Mom, for teaching me to sew!!). We grew up with two kinds of jelly - grape jelly to go on the peanut-butter sandwiches - and orange marmalade for Sunday morning popovers (otherwise known as Yorkshire pudding). And I remember being told to spread it thinly on my toast!
As an adult I really wanted to learn how to make it myself and thanks to a helpful girlfriend and some tips from my mother-in-law I have now gained much confidence and experience - I can practically make it in my sleep :)  We have so many berries growing in our garden that our cellar overflows with jars of jam and jelly and I am constantly giving it away and we still have too much for ourselves.

Wishing you a sunny day and much abundance regardless of the weather!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I wish we lived closer Karen, your jam looks delicious!
You have so many juicy looking stawberries. I love your jam jar labels too, they look great. :)
Fingers crossed for sunshine, for all of us!!!
Vivienne x

nest full of eggs said...

looks yummy !
i've never done any of this ~ growing strawberries, making jam, your talent amazes me

Ivy Clad said...

What a WONDERFUL treat for your family to have homemade jams and jellies. I love to cook and bake, but jam has not yet made it into my skill set.

I too went berry picking this morning. Can you believe it was my first time? I have picked cherries before but never berries. I picked about 6 pounds of blueberries in a little over an hour. It was so much fun and the berries are so sweet and delicious! Your strawberries look like they would taste wonderfully sweet. Do you ever eat them with a little cream poured over? My children like the berries best completely by themselves, nothing added, but as a dessert sometimes we will eat them with a little cream poured over the top and a teaspoon or so of sugar.

Talk to you soon!