Friday, June 29, 2012


  We've been going color crazy here lately!

Do you know that feeling of constantly being amazed how kids seem to outgrow toys and clothes faster than you can sort them out? I've been trying to take stock of our crafts supplies and remembered these melty-beads my mom gave my daughter when she was in preschool (ages ago!). My youngest has been kind of restless lately - rainy summer days are no fun for little boys who want to be outside. So I got out the beads and hoping that perhaps we could use them up, he reluctantly started making colorful little mosaics.

Then he got obsessed. His older sister joined in and likewise got mesmerized.
A neighbor boy stopped over and made some hearts and circles. His sister saw us through the window and excitedly joined in. Our little children's craft table has become a busy factory!

(Did I mention that I am also getting a bit addicted?)
My son now comes home from school and goes straight to the table of melty-beads and quietly starts working. (This is not usually a quiet child). With supervision he is very proud that he is allowed to iron. It seems to have a very relaxing, maybe even mediative effect. The colors remind me of stained glass if you hang them in the window.There are many more that I did not even get in the photos here! Now we've almost used them up - but I think we're going to have to go back for more!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Brilliant! :) Do you know I've never had a go at making those but I think I would enjoy it too!! Any more room at your craft table??? ;)
Happy weekend karen,
Vivienne x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

My kids used to LOVE these! We bought the first set to while away a rainy day at Grandma's, but they must have got through millions of the things over the years. The best kinds of toys are the simple ones aren't they :D

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

I don't think these were around when my kids were little (thank goodness - I would certainly have been an addict!). Still, if you've found something that keeps them amused and quiet, yippee! xCathy

Ivy Clad said...

Aww! I remember melty beads. I had them as a child; they were so much fun! This brings back good memories and a smile! I hope you can send a little rain this way. It's 100 degrees plus here almost everyday. We're used to hot weather, but even for us, this is about to make us melt!


Fashion-isha said...

Oh I love those so much they remind me of when my kids were small!

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

actually i saw many of these in Stockholm during our summer vacation, more than i've ever seen in our corner of France, and i'm considering joining in to make some Christmas ornaments ;)
i like how you wrote the post !!