Friday, June 15, 2012

Granny Chic Crochet Canvas Art

Hello lovely blog readers!

Do you like the granny-chic look?  Colorful crochet blankets, thrift shop remakes, creative decorating with handmade items that bring unknown stories from another life with them?  If so, then I hope you will enjoy this project!
Last week I discovered an unassuming plastic laundry basket full of vintage ivory and white crochet doilies way in the back of our local little thrift shop. Square, rectangle, circle, tiny, large - the whole range was available at prices that leave any flea market fan light-headed. Absolutely in perfect condition and all carefully handmade.
It makes me wonder who the women were who made them and what their stories were. Each hand-crafted bit of lace is an art work in itself to me.

I sifted through the top layer and just took a few home with me. I thought I would leave some for someone else. After making a lovely bag which I will show you next time, as well as these fun art canvases, I'm starting to think, that the "someone else" might be me on a return trip!!!

One of my finds was a rectangular table runner which looks so pretty with a simple bouquet of  lavender and daisies from the garden.

The truth is I have no idea how to crochet. Someday my sweet Finnish friend M. who makes the most beautiful crochet art has promised to teach me when we finally meet. Until then, I am really thrilled to have a little pile of these pretty doilies in my stash.

So the first project I had in mind was a bit of decoration for the wall behind our sofa.

What you will need for this project is a bit of linen (or any fabric will do), a doily, a sewing machine and a regular office stapler. And of course an art canvas, you can use the cheapest one you can find for this project.

Iron the fabric and cut it a bit larger than the canvas. Make sure you have enough on the sides to fold up onto the back of the canvas.

Now center and pin down your doily. I used a zig-zig stitch with my machine to stitch it down. You'll have to go a bit slow and gently flatten down the doily as you go to avoid it bunching up at the end. The stitch in the same thread color really won't show. I used rather large stitches. Perhaps someday I will recycle these again and they will be easy to remove.

Spread the fabric out under the canvas and start stapling - start on one side, staple in the middle, then the opposite side, pulling it taut, staple in the middle, and so on until you have one staple in the middle of each side. Now you can fold/twist up the corners. Staple all around so the fabric is pulled taut everywhere.
Hang up your granny chic art and enjoy!
(You might end up making several of these -it's addicting!) 


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

What a fabulous idea! Those little 'pics' look really pretty on that wall :D

greenrabbitdesigns said...

They're beautiful Karen, a very clever idea!!
I always think it's sad when these beautiful pieces of handwork get cast aside, all that work that someone put in. However thank goodness for lovely people like you who come along and rescue them and give them a new loved life!!
That gorgoeus table centre was a very lucky find. :)
Happy wekeend,
Vivienne x

Judith said...

This has a beautiful simplicity
to it....very zen.
Thrift shops ( we call them oppportunity or op shops here!)
are wonderful places to fossick
around's like hunting
for treasure!
Have a lovely weekend Karen,
hope the sun shines for you! x x

nest full of eggs said...

lovely !!! especially with gray
i <3 doilies :)

tinajo said...

Looks pretty! :-)

tinita said...

Its very unique. I love the piece of wood added the design. Its make me inspired.

Thanks for putting up.

Pauline said...

Thank you for your visit. Your blog is lovely too. This idea with the doilies on fabric on the wall is wonderful. A have a lot of them so thanks for this idea.
Hugs, Pauline

The Custards said...

Thank you for dropping by Karen. I too am partial to a nice doily and have used them for bunting in the past. The complexity of some designs is mind boggling!
Best wishes

maria f. said...

This is too funny - I totally agree with you about the beauty of things with a history. Don't ya just wonder what they've seen? And get this... I have a painted white branch hanging over my kitchen doorwall - I decorate it seasonally. And I'd love to know what kind of thrift shop you have (I probably am better off NOT having one - would be totally dangerous for my pocketbook.)