Thursday, April 12, 2012


 I've been so so so busy lately....I have really missed posting and even more have missed being out there visiting my favorite blogs and finding new favorites! I have a few crafts from years past I had actually wanted to share before Easter...I hope you don't mind that this is coming a bit late!

Today is all about families.

First of all, the bunny family:

I was digging through a box of things I had made and discarded but never made it further than the cellar - I guess I wasn't quite sure if I should really toss or not. You know when you are learning to make something new and your attempts aren't quite what you wanted? It's one of those times in life you have to be really kind to yourself.  Well, I went through the box and a bunch of stuff landed in the rubbish but when I found this bunny family I had made several years ago -  an attempt to make something completely out of imagination - my heart softened. After years of being unfairly shunned to a box in the cellar I decided that actually, they are quite adorable in a their own way. So out they came and were allowed to celebrate Easter with us! Not only that I'm going to submit this cute little family to the "we are family" photo challenge here!
Just love that smiling Papa and his little rabbit daughter...!

Secondly, real families:

Even though 2012 is still young we have had 5 different families visit us so far! We don't run a B&B (although it's starting to seem like it!) but I guess we just have lots of far-away friends and this is the year to get together...We had a really lovely Easter and all together we were two families.They spoiled us with fresh baked homemade bread and rolls every morning :) We dyed eggs with all the children (ours and theirs made five) and toured two nearby castles, rode a ferry over the Rhine and went on hour long hikes through our gorgeous forest and the girls even went horseback riding (in the sunshine, too, how lucky we were!). Of course there were hidden eggs and chocolates to find and cute bunny rolls on Easter morning and it meant a lot to me to attend a meditative Easter vigil late the night before with my children and friends. We are truly blessed with our families and friends.
Third, family memories in my scrapbook:

I love scrapbooking, I'm totally obsessed with it. I don't feel I must put my photos of each and every holiday or event into my scrapbooks, but I do like to highlight different years in different ways. For me, scrapbooking is super fun creative way to celebrate memories and there are NO rules and ANYTHING goes! I get so much pleasure by creating with no limits and also by later looking through my albums and seeing how the children have grown, how our house has changed and how even my scrapbook style has evolved. So for Easter I've found a double-page layout I made in 2010 to share with you, I love it. There is also a bunny silhouette (twice) you might recognize :)
I hope you had lovely spring celebrations too! 


halbe Sachen said...

Liebe Karen, so viele schöne (Hasen-)Familieneinblicke! Vielen Dank dafür und herzliche Grüße, Anja

greenrabbitdesigns said...

So glad you had a lovely family Eastertime!
I love your bunny family, don't let them go live in the cellar again, they're much too pretty!
Your scrapbook is lovely such a creative way to store memories.
Happy Thursday,
Vivienne x

Sandra van Doorn said...

I love love love those bunnies!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What a precious bunny family, and your family, too!

nest full of eggs said...

you're so good at scrapbooking your family memories ~ keep up the good work :D

Ivy Clad said...

I love the family of bunnies and am glad you rediscovered them. They're completely charming!

I'm glad you've had so many visits from friends. Being with friends and family is my favorite way to spend any holiday, and yours sounds like exactly the kind I crave.

Thank you so much for visiting my place and for your kind and inspiring comment. Have a wonderful week!

Talk to you again soon!

Helena, Craft and Creativity said...

Adorable rabbits and beautiful scrapbooking! :) Good luck with your new seeds!