Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So happy to see you, Spring!

Would you have ever believed if you hadn't seen it? Magical transformations right before your eyes!

First, the faintest promise of yellow-green hovering like an aura around bare branches....suddenly, vibrant green and splatters of bright colors everywhere you look. Every spring I feel I'm witness for the first time to a new miracle-filled beginning. Right now I'm in love with all the little flowers in my garden, so happy to see that some that I planted by seed last year have come back, and equally delighted by the simple pleasure of shopping at the garden center and seeing instant results.

Of course we are so excited to see the bulbs that we bought at the farmer's market last fall emerge as long elegant tulips!

Lovely life is not just the pretty spring flowers.....but is also things like:

teenage chatter & giggles on the phone

little boys climbing trees

giving the cats anti-tick cures (the other side of spring!)

sorting out winter wools for spring cottons

the smell of laundry dried in the sun

a cup of lemon tea and a bit of paint....

stationary from a Japanese flea market & my daughter's name

( both acquired for a good cause )

not worrying about how I will possibly get all the laundry sorted

but simply looking forward to a little vacation in Alsace

with dear old friends whom we haven't seen in way-too-long

I hope you are also enjoying the little things. Happy Spring!