Monday, December 5, 2011


Two candles now have been lit.
The second candle on our advent wreath symbolizes hope. My older son lit them yesterday at breakfast which as you can see was blueberry muffins...mmmm! (thanking my daughter again for picking them last summer so I can just pull them out of the freezer!) We had a lovely day celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday and being together with family and listening to rain fall after our dry dry month of I love the sound of rain!

This is the time of year I love visiting Ali Edward's website to see how her December Daily is coming along, as well as the projects of many many others who are making a version of this project as well. I love how she involves the community with her project. I have a couple of her books and just adore everything about her. In November I ask myself if I want to do this project but I usually end up saying no (main reason because I don't have a quality photo printer), and then of course wish I had said yes when I start seeing the amazing albums being created! Ali's enthusiasm for this season and her creative designs in this project are simply contagious! I did make a December album a couple years ago based on this idea and I really love looking through it now. But most years, this year included, I am just going to take some notes and make a few December pages to go into my main family scrapbook. This is what works best for the words of Stacy Julian "scrapbook some of your photos some of the time and have fun"! 

I thought it would be fun to share with you a couple December pages from our album from last year. This first layout is my son lighting the first candle and it is super simple with white cardstock and just a few chipboard stickers. I wanted the photos to shine and also wanted to include authentic ephemera - a rather wrinkly page from the church program with a Christmas song that is sung every year. You see my pages sometimes are both in German and English! (Since I speak English to my kids my journaling is always in English) This pretty song is about the light at Christmastime bringing love and hope.
Every year I like to take a photo of the three children in front of the tree and usually make a scrapbook page with it. It's so fun to see how they change each year. Most of the time I get a nice photo (total challenge with 3!) last year was not one of those years. But I want my scrapbooks to be authentic so that was fine with me. I love it that our house is filled with harmony and happiness most of the time, so a photo proving that we are all human and don't always feel like smiling is in a way more precious than fake smiles. Anyway, I did some machine stitching on this, added various stickers for the title and lots of hand-journaling and i love that scalloped strip at the bottom.

Hoping your day is filled with sunshine! 


nest full of eggs said...

you're so good about keeping up with scrapbooking, I need to do more of that (only have a few pages) happy Advent !

millefeuilles said...

Your blog is such a joy. I almost feel as if I had sat down (uninvited!) and shared a blueberry muffin with you. Isn't life wonderful? Thank you for introducing us to Ali Edwards: more inspiration is ALWAYS gratefully received in my neck of the woods.

Finally (well, I could go on and on about this lovely blog) I am CRAZY about beetroot soup. I make mine with a glug of cider vinegar, a pinch of nutmeg and a double glug of cream. Your soup looks fanatstic.

Enjoy Advent.


Karen said...

Thanks Stephanie, your comments make me glow! I will remember that pinch of nutmeg next time!
Rachel, love your latest recipe posts these past days, happy Advent to all!