Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas cheer

The third and fourth Advent candles have been lit. My youngest son's constant anticipation of that fourth candle was such a sweet reminder of finding joy in the little things. At this point in December with all of its activities I quite need that reminder! The third candle represents faith and the fourth stands for peace.
More cookies have been baked, cards have been sent, parties have been enjoyed, errands have been run and school book-reports and tests have been completed - phew! The delightful craft projects from my e-course will just have to wait until next year I'm afraid. But the joy of participating and enjoying the videos was a perfect splurge and I loved it. 

The big branch in the living room has been decorated with handmade angels, hearts, birds...."noel" letters a bit wrinkled after storage but festive nonetheless.
And now the tree is up – contrary to German tradition of it not appearing until Christmas Eve – and it is so very beautiful in its very imperfect way, sagging with ornaments because the little boys have not yet quite mastered the art of not hanging everything at the end of the branches. The tree has been decorated with pure love and joy and I don't want to steal the tiniest bit of that from my children's hearts. (OK I did do a few minor revisions this morning after they left for school, minimal, I promise!)
Are you also thinking about 2012 yet? I feel so energized with ideas, thoughts and plans for next year. After taking on a part time job last year I had to take a real break from scrapbooking and I miss it so much. My priority this fall was to open my etsy shop and so scrapbooking once again had to take a back seat. But I have lot of plans for my photos and albums next year and some new projects with a mixed-media twist. Just thinking about those ideas makes me happy.

Since I mention etsy I have to admit that I am already sketching up my newest ideas for an early spring collection for my shop – colorful, cheerful, happy things for babies, kids, and moms. I can hardly wait to dive into that! 

And one more thing to please note! I have started a facebook page for my shop so please do click on that to follow if you want. I would really love to see you there! 

I will be taking a little blogging break and will be back in January. Before I go though, I just want  to say thank you. I am sincerely honored that in your busy life with so many amazing places and blogs out there that you would take the time to stop by and visit my very simple little website. And if you took even more time to leave a comment, I really appreciated that (sad to say sometimes I don't manage to acknowledge them but truly I love them!) I hope there was something here for you that was uplifting.

Until then, I wish you a Christmas filled with peace and happiness. May all your dreams for the new year come true!



nest full of eggs said...

Merry Christmas & a happy & healthy 2012 to you & your family ~ see you next year :)

madhu said...

Lots and lots of Christmas and new year blessings coming your those angels and oh alright then minimal adjustments when the children are in school are allowed..shhhh... ;-) ;-)

Monica said...

Merry Christmas, enjoy your well-deserved break, sounds like you've been extremely busy. I can not wait to also be able to put my feet up and take a deep breath once all the Christmas prep is done!
can't wait to see what you come up with in 2012!

Mark Norkaitis said...

Nice blog! Happy New Year!
Mark @ room363