Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hello november

hello there arrived so quickly
 We ended October with a Halloween party for a handful of teens (dressed wickedly :)) - my daughter's friends - and she carved a friendly/spooky jack o' lantern and prepared a fabulous spiderweb cheesecake for her lovely guests. She made it last year and this year again - she's become quite a pro! The recipe is from an old issue of Martha Stewart Living but I'm sure it's on her website. Very delicious but almost too rich.... 
 November starts with a state holiday in our neck of the woods so we got yesterday off. After the slumber-party guests went home, my husband and I stole away for a romantic 3-hour hike through our glorious autumn forest. We are simply addicted to our walks!
After that I planted tulips and other bulbs...I honestly am not in the mood for gardening right now but know how I am going to love those flowers come spring. The hike warmed me up but the sun was going down, so I brought a big steaming mug of tea to sip between digging and trimming (Choco Aztec Spice by Yogi tea....not my fave but perfect right now!). Working outside among the falling golden leaves felt so good. I would have missed the pretty roses which are still fully in bloom and and listening to the children chattering and riding their bikes before evening darkness arrived all too soon.

Hope you are enjoying a good beginning of the new month. 


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful blog! That cake is so pretty against the pine cones. I shall be back, I promise!

Crafted by Carly said...

Hi Karen,
I've just discovered your blog - and I'm so glad I did! It's absolutely beautiful!!! I'll DEFINITELY be visiting again!!!
I noticed (from reading your profile) that we're practically neighbours! :-) My husband and I are Brits, living in Duesseldorf!!!
Your daughter's cake looks delicious - and its so pretty! The pumpkin is great too! I like a 'cute' (rather than 'scary') Halloween too!!! ;-)
Until next time.....