Monday, July 11, 2011

delicious days

I feel like I'm up to my ears in berries these days! My son helped me pick blueberries from our garden yesterday morning for Sunday pancakes and I was so happy to hear him comment about how awesome our garden is with so much fruit right now. Before he was even born we dreamed of having a summer Eden where you could just walk around and find delicious things growing. Isn't it amazing when dreams like this come true? I am filled with gratitude! is a lot of work trying to preserve the harvest. My husband and kids have been busy picking and I've been busy putting berries in ice-cream, making jam and jelly, applesauce, pies, even juice with this cool juice maker my mother-in-law had in her cellar storeroom.
I hope your summer days are delicious too!


nest full of eggs said...

wow ! amazing the variety & amount of fresh fruit coming from your garden ~ i'm impressed !

ninimakes said...

Gorgeous and inspiring Karen! I hope you and yours are all well and happy for summer to be here.

Valerie said...

what a bounty !
birds ate every currant here in one or two nights we didn't have time to do anything so we can enjoy a few !!
I'm glad you have a nice summer xo happy August to you all x