Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midsummer / Art Journal Part 2

Ever get the feeling that impish fairies have rubbed magic petals over your eyes? I guess that is my mood these is the most colorful carousel and I can hardly take note of all the children's end-of-the-school-year- events and personal meaningful encounters. Not to mention the amazingness of being able to look live at the bright skies of Stockholm or Helsinki late last night via web-cams...rather than trotting off to bed like I should have. Maybe I just need more sleep!

But I'm sorry I am getting off on a tangent here! Before I digress digressing though, I just have to mention that my daughter played the most lovely fairy named Cobweb in “A Midsummer Night's Dream” this week and I do believe there is still much magic in the air.

Now back to arts & crafts (but of course it all goes together). Mervi mentioned on my flickr site that she couldn't wait to see more of my art-journal (how sweet she is!) so even though I have more empty pages than full, here is a preview of the bare bones and 1 or 2 pages partially completed.

The quilted cover and back is taken directly from the generous and talented artist Teesha Moore who offers great videos sharing her techniques. One evening I started randomly adding buttons to the cover and after a while it looked like a butterfly shape so I decided to go with that even though I hadn't initially intended so.

The next morning my son spotted the journal on the coffee table and was completely stunned by all the little stitches I had made (he's only 6 but seems to have an appreciation for the details of handmade, good for him!).

He then recognized the buttons he had picked out! I asked him if he knew what it was and he said, of course, it is a “Metterschling” which made me laugh. The word he meant was Schmetterling (German for butterfly) but it's one of those words like “spaghetti” that children sometimes say the wrong way around. I thought that was quite endearing, I will probably always think of that now when I look at the cover.

Here are some peaks inside; as I mentioned in part one I want this to be a collection of quotes on beauty and I am still searching for photos of my daughter, my mom, my grandmother....

The first page is from the Basic Grey line "Sweet Threads", how perfect it matches my fabrics. Rather amazing since I mostly order papers and fabrics on-line! Other pretty papers are Emma's Shoppe from Crate Paper and older things from my stash. To add visual variety I made lots of pockets and flaps and some hand painted watercolor pages.

The back I left plain and I think it will stay that way.

About the rose in the top photo: I was so thrilled to find David Austin roses in my garden center last weekend. The one I chose to splurge on is called Abraham Darby and it promises to be healthy and full of blooms. This blossom is fading but the perfume is divine.

Fairies, help yourselves!




Sonia said...

oh what a lovely post, and even lovelier journal !!! My word, you are really good at that, and thanks for sharing the link to Teesha Moore, I didn't know her, and she makes very special things for sure !
I hope summer is treating you all well, and that you make time for yourself, among the busy-ness of the end of school year.

nest full of eggs said...

lovely ! you've inspired me, now i'd like to try my hand at making an art journal :)