Thursday, May 27, 2010

La Primavera

One thing I love about spring is harvesting fresh herbs from the garden. So many simple pleasures: the various shades of green, the textures from fuzzy to smooth, the intense aromas, the meditative mood I fall into while preparing them for cooking.

The other day as I rocked the rolling blade over a handful of herbs, my mind turned over ideas for the first real post for katie-claire. Spring and new beginnings are in the air. For a long time I've been enjoying other's artful blogs as amazing places of creative connection. But how to start? A blank page is always such a challenge!And I have to admit, I'd like the first post to be a bit special.

I flipped on the radio and the kitchen filled with strings playing “La Primavera” by Vivaldi. The music immediately triggered a memory of a time past, a moment which sums up so many things that I want this blog to be about: simple joys, the uniqueness of childhood, memories, creative wings, beauty, gratitude. I knew at once this little memory is the way I want to start....

My daughter was four at that time and had just started dance classes. Together, we became addicted to a ballet performance to the “Four Seasons” by a German dance company ( It had come on tv late at night so I taped it to watch later, and the two of us fell in love with it. We must have watched it every day. I had never been a huge fan of Vivaldi's music - beautiful and baroque as it is - but after watching the dancers' contemporary interpretation the music grew on me like a climbing flower.

Before the performance began, the camera took us quickly behind the stage for a glimpse of the international dancers stretching and warming up in their sweatshirts and leggings, and then applying thick makeup. One dancer waved to the camera with a big smile and said, “Hi mom, I love you soooo much”. We could never tire of him saying that in a sincere but cheesy way that made us laugh. The choreographer was introduced and spoke a few words on contemporary dance. We loved watching this little “behind the scenes” show. And then suddenly the music from “La Primavera” began; the curtains parted to present three couples. They danced and flirted, the girls like fragile spring tulips in their petal pink silky bodices held by tiny spaghetti straps, swirling their circle skirts so you could see that the pale green lining underneath. For the next 45 minutes we drifted off to the beauty of a year of seasons.

It was just as delightful to watch my daughter twirling about, lost in her imagination. For a few minutes I would forget the physical heaviness of being pregnant with my second child, who was due soon. The music and dance raised us both up to a higher level (I'm sure the baby was listening too!). I was equally full of anticipation for my summer baby as I was filled with love for the little girl dancing around in her joyful little dream world.

Spring is anticipation, isn't it, a risky kind of thing, those fragile little leaves poking out of the dirt to a possible rainstorm, a hungry insect, or foot trampling over them. Daring blossoms challenging nature's possible mean trick of a late frost. Oh, so many things could go wrong. Or they could go right.

Friday, May 21, 2010

seize the day

Today is the day!

I am finally starting something I have wished to do for so long.

My first blog entry....short and sweet for starters.

Happy weekend :)