Wednesday, December 8, 2010

frosty delights

We have been enjoying frosty days and icy-cold nights. And lots of snow! Just lovely with all the cheerful Christmas decorations in the streets and houses in our town.
I have to admit, I am a "less is more" type when it comes to outdoor decorations and lights. I have one strand of white lights on the little peach tree in front of the house and some red accents by the front door - some red lanterns for candles and a basket of cones, evergreens and heather and a romantic little angel.
I have always wanted to make ice-ornaments. I filled baking tins and forms with water and some holly leaves and berries and let them freeze overnight. They certainly were cold to handle but with my optimistic little helper we managed to hang them up.
Then...the temperatures rose....and the ornaments started to drip a bit, but are all still hanging. Only one circle did melt halfway and has formed a perfect moon. Delightful!



memmu said...

Oh Karen... that's so lovely that you got to make these ice ornaments this year too!!! I made so many of those last year and I think I'll be making some this year too. Maybe trying some new ideas. They're so beautiful... and I hope they'll last at least a few more days! Hope you're doing well... enjoy this lovely time before Christmas!!! Hugs!

memmu said...

And yes, I go with you here... less is more :)))!

Karen said...

Hi Mervi, I think they will last a little longer because it is snowing again :) I was inspired by yours last year, I'm sure you know that. And I forget to mention in my post that we made big ice-cakes for tea lights by the front steps which look fantastic but I can't get a good photo of them.
Am thinking of you wrapping presents - hugs to you too!

Valerie said...

I'm so in love with your ice ornaments !!! but unlike you, girls, we can't make these here ! so I'm drooling at yours, virtually speaking of course !

alizarine_red said...

hi karen! love your blog- such great ideas! might i request that you post a link on facebook when you have a new entry? it makes it easy for us facebook addicts to stop by more often! could also get you some more traffic;) i have some little things for you guys that i will mail soon- xoxo

ninimakes said...

All so beautiful Karen. We're off to Calif this week, just in time for the next Arctic snowstorm.