Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas décor

This season, the Christmas décor in our house has been all about mixing textures, scents, and memories with the basic color trio of red, white and gray.

Of course, it must also be about being creative & handmade. My husband helped me find this branch on a lovely walk in our snowy forest. I gave it a bit of white paint and suspended it above the sofa. I sewed Mr. Bluebird from spool sewing - of course, now it is Mr. Robin. In addition I hung some glitter stars, soft hearts, pine cones & feathers and cut out the letters to spell “noel”. Voila!

As snowflakes fell outside my window I sat snug in my studio and sewed some red pillows for the sofa – a soft, velvety corduroy.

I was thrilled to find this lovely bird and elk fabric and made a pillow and a runner for the table.

A pretty amaryllis stands tall next to this wooden hunter & his faithful dog - a Christmas gift from my husband from ages ago. I adore seeing him again every winter - the hunter, that is! :)
The house isn't (yet!) filled with the aroma of cookies baking, but I did find this oil called “Winter Fairy Tale” - a delicious blend of cinnamon, cardamom and orange. A few drops warmed over a tea light bring a lovely scent into the house.

Now, the children are asking if we can finally find a tree tomorrow.....let's hope so!

Happy Weekend!


saganaga said...

that is gorgeous elk fabric !

Valerie said...

love love love !!!
it is all soooo pretty ! even kitty is matching :D
your fabric selection is fabulous and congratulations on the decorated branch !

a little thought for you in the mail but i'm afraid it will reach you after Christmas...

merry merry xo

ninimakes said...

I love all these colours, patterns and textures.

Happy New Year to you Karen. Just read a brilliant book, it's Small Island by Andrea Levy, I wrote about it on my blog.