Wednesday, October 27, 2010

thankful for so much....

Hello friends!

The first part of this post is about some very sweet things that have happened recently. As I mentioned in my last post, Valerie sent me this surprise birthday gift - totally spoiled me. But I hadn't yet taken a photo of it, and it is actually a bit of a challenge because of the glass frame. Great photo or not, here is it is!

What a surprise indeed to find this special collage - something I had commented and faved from her Moline's flickr quite a while ago - generous Valerie just went to her etsy shop ( and bought it, framed it (in such a pretty frame!) and shipped it to me! I have it sitting here on the shelf surrounded by other handmade goodness: an angel and pears (Tilda patterns) I sewed, a scrapbook I made for my daughter a couple years ago and the pretty jam covers from Sonia you've seen before :) . I just love the colors and papers in the collage - you see how they match my other decor. A big hug to Valerie ( - indeed she and her family are my thoughts right now.

Everyday I walk around our house and see bits & pieces from flickr friends and reflect on how amazing it is to have met all of you!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the postman rang and brought me yet another package, this time from England, I could hardly believe my eyes!

Dear Joanie ( created this simply gorgeous embroidered K lavender sachet. My favorite colors and scent! So sweetly packaged in tissue paper and tied with strings and darling vintage buttons. Even the back is delightful. I can't believe I'm so lucky to receive this!

Plus, there was a package of naturally flavored English gummy treats for my children and I quote my son P: "These are the BEST gummy bears I have EVER tasted!!!!!" So thank you from all of us, sweet Joanie! This sachet will not disappear into my closet for sure but will be displayed for my eyes to enjoy for a long time.

* * * * *

The second part of this post is about September & October in our home and garden. Our first light frost has come but my Calendula & Daisies & a few last Roses are still blooming! I will let the pictures do most of the talking :)

Fall reading....craft books from the library and a new book to keep -
seasonal decorating ideas by German florist /decorator Imke Johannson

The two books from the library were fun to look through but we didn't make anything. The Johannson book is really beautiful and has decoration ideas using natural materials for each month of the year. I immediately had to sew these two adorable squirrels from her book -
although I changed the pattern slightly. So cute!

I like the soft colors of these pears and apples on the table....and I can't resist sharing this delicious pumpkin & cheese quiche with you.

My son became inspired to make some imaginary "Fairy Houses" - how can one not after collecting all the lovely fruits of fall? Little Nanou nut came to visit! (

The "Potato King" he made in preschool reigns over the fairy house and
nibbling squirrels and other offerings of nature gathered on the table. And yesterday, a new chestnut creature (love his wobbly smile!) came home from preschool and I do believe it was love at first sight!

Enjoy the last days of October, everyone!




saganaga said...

so that's what Joanie was working on... the back is so lovely, too! it's good to see you, Karen, happy fall :)

Sonia said...

we are thankful to have you too, Karen. You've certainly been very busy the last months, and that's not because you are less online that we think less often about you.
gorgeous sachet Joanie sent you :) Now I see who the K was ;-)
happy last days of October, and happy crafting when it happens !

memmu said...

I missed this post earlier... but gladly found it now! It seems you're enjoying the fall... and have had some lovely gifts from friends!!! I missed your birthday... but I hope you had a lovely one :)))!

I'll write you soon... it's been a while but you haven't been forgotten :)!

Hugs and have a lovely November!!! Time to start (or continue) crafting for Christmas!

ninimakes said...

Wow Karen, so many yummy things in this post. Glad your little sachet made it to you. I love that last image so much with the love nuts!
That quiche has made me really very hungry :)

Valerie said...

oh sweet of you to share the lovely gifts you had ! they were well deserved for the nice loving person you are !
(and yes the glass was a challenge in the mail,too !)
your Tilda creations are beautiful ! I just bought a Tilda book & a few of their supplies for a dear friend last week but they're hard to find over here.
Sending big hugs and hoping you had a nice Fall xo