Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ten things I've been doing this summer

1. Picking flowers of all colors and putting them in little jars tied with ribbons.

2. Eating watermelon, held here by my daughter.
3. Seeing the seeds I planted in spring turn into big bushes of pretty pink flowers.
4. Smelling the roses.
5. Finding snippets of time to play around in my studio. Rearranging birds on a canvas. Sewing strips into squares to make a vintage-y patchwork throw. 5 of 36 squares complete!
7. Deeply inhaling my all-time favorite scent of lavender...... and smiling at the sunflowers.
8. Preserving our berries for winter. The cellar is full of jams & jellies already, and slowly the freezer is filling up with berries and other garden treats. Yesterday we made applesauce from the summer apples and put in in the freezer to save for the winter.
I think of all the jams, this "Josta" jelly is the best - very tart & such a pretty color. "Josta" is a berry that is part "Johannisbeere" (currant) and part "Stachelbeere" (gooseberry). Mmmmm!
9. Throwing fresh basil into salads.
10. Wondering why the chamomile seeds I planted in the herb garden don't seem to be coming.
Oh, it must be that little tiger who has found that very spot to take a nap!
xoxo Karen


ninimakes said...

Those are ten very important things! It looks like you're enjoying a wonderful summer.
I love that innocent face looking at us in the last picture.

saganaga said...

it's good to see you Karen ! i'll be following... 5 X 36 squares? what a huge project, you're so brave & can't wait to see a photo when it's all done... happy summer :)

Karen said...

Hi you two! thanks so much for stopping by!
Joanie, Kitty seems to have perfected that "who me? certainly not!" innocent look!
Rachel, i didn't really realize how much work that quilt was going to be! Perhaps I'll size it down into a child's size throw. :)
Happy Summer Days to you both
xoxo k.

LaurieStar said...

What a pretty blog you have! I love all your flowers. :)

Sonia said...

hi Karen :)
you're growing such gorgeous flowers, you're a real green thumb ! (I'm NOT !)
the ribbons around the jars add so much cheerfulness, you're so right, it looks soooo pretty !

Sonia said...

here I am again :)
I'm at my parents' so can't email through FLickr, but I wanted to wish you a woooooonderful birthday, my friend !
sending you tons of hugs !


Karen said...

Thank you Laurie for your sweet comments! Glad to have you here :)
Sonia, you're the best xoxo