Tuesday, July 13, 2010

grubby, tender, promises of joy

I love it when grubby little hands - accompanied by a enthusiastic "look, mama!" - come to share with me the tender treasures they hold. To a five year old, these little wings are a miracle, and when he holds them like this I am aware of miracles, too.

Sometimes the grubby little hands find a ladybug that grant him10 minutes of tickling amusement before she finally opens her magical wings and silently buzzes off to a secret garden.

And isn't it wonderful when the little hands can scoop up the very strawberries they have picked from our garden and enjoy their sweetness for desert?

Which brings me to some photos of our kitchen garden in June. The first of very many berries.....
growing in five rows in the top section of the garden. It looks so empty compared to now in mid July!
Countless bowls were picked and put into the freezer or our tummies or made into jam and are now keeping cool in the cellar. But a few jars remain in sight in the kitchen with cheerful jam covers made by my friend Sonia http://www.flickr.com/photos/cozymemories/. How happy they make me, they are just so sweet!

And I snapped a photo of the sky one June day thinking "airplane kisses" as I saw this x. I do hope all travelers this summer have safe journeys high up in the sky or down here on the earth. I had to smile when I saw my friend Joanie http://www.flickr.com/photos/21678807@N04/4780620069/ had an "airplane kiss" photo up too.
xoxo Karen


memmu said...

Dear Karen... I've been visiting your blog a few times during the summer and so I did today too! And you had written 2 posts :)))! Lots of happened over here too... I'd need a few days off work, as the fact is that this summer I won't have any real summer vacation. I'll get back to you one of these days... and I keep coming back to your blog too... :)))

Big hugs and hope the summer is enjoyable at your end. Over here it's been extremely hot!!!


Karen said...

Oh hi Mervi, sooo so glad to hear from you! I hope you're doing well. I saw on the weather map the hot weather you've been having! Wow. Thank you for visiting my blog. I still have so much to learn here! I just need to be patient.... Have a lovely Sunday Evening....big hugs K.

ninimakes said...

My sky is sending your sky a big kiss!

Sonia said...

oh Karen
I'm just coming back from our vacations in England, and yes ! you had posted, yoohoo !!
how much I wish I could have a garden & grow my own strawberries, I love them so much !
you are a real sweetheart to use the jam jar covers. Thank you so much !
I'm up to my ears making them for an American store. (in orange gingham, though)
I hope you've been having a delicious July so far. Sending you all big hugs & kisses