Sunday, July 11, 2010

crazy june!

It's nearly the middle of July, and I'm still mentally in June - June was crazy! The end of the year school activities seemed to be more than ever before. I feel so lucky that I could see our 3 children perform in recitals, musicals, performances, even a circus! (And I hardly took any photos - even though I love to record events in my scrapbooks - sometimes, I feel I must just LIVE and enjoy the MOMENT THAT IS without my camera) I am also grateful that I had the chance to volunteer: taught some classes, sewed some costumes, organized a little crafts exhibit....the list goes on...! But I said "yes" a few too many time I think (not doing that next time!!). I read somewhere that June and December are the busiest months for moms. How true. Suddenly without noticing it June had flown by!

However, I did snap a few photos of my garden and I am thankful for that, because it looks quite different now. Here are some of my June favorites:

romantic little garden in a pot by the front door
sage and chives reaching for the sky in the herb spiral
new rose plant for a new flower garden we added this year - this is a "renaissance rose" and has the most gorgeous bloom as well as strong sweet scent - heaven! After I planted it, I found out my mother was planting new roses in my grandmother's garden - I love that!

Me wearing my favorite color aqua...:)

fuschia & white on a window sill
a rusty sunflower candle-holder/decoration
and a new clematis with purple blossoms

potted herbs on the kitchen stepsmy daughter picked out this welcoming little terracotta
hedgehog (it fits in your palm) for our front door

one of many geraniums in a pot
and last but not least, the beginning of my little
"yellow and white and green" garden with lovely daisies.....
xoxo Karen


Valerie said...

your yard is so beautiful ! and i love this portrait of yours : aqua suits the pretty blonde you are !

ps : could you flickr mail me your address ? (rel.8/6) thank you !

Karen said...

Thank you Valerie for your kind comments!!! I'm so glad you found time to stop by. I will flickr mail you :) Have a lovely Sunday evening....xoxo K.